InkForce Weeklies!

Sun 18th Mar 2018 - 12:48am Gaming

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InkForce Tournament Ruleset



  • Splat Zones Only
  • Best of 5 Maps


  • Register your team to the bracket via Challonge.
  • A captain must be present in our Discord server to play. Provide your team name and Switch friend code in the #roles channel.
    • If you are playing with a pickup team, you may be asked for your full roster for seeding purposes.


  • This tournament is for North American players only. All players participating in the tournament must be playing from any North American country or dependant territory.
    • Any team that plays any tournament games with a player from a location outside of North America will be immediately disqualified.
  • It is requested that every player uses a clear and concise in-game username that identifies them and the team they play for. Impersonating another player will not be tolerated.

Tournament Conduct

  • As soon as your set is ready to be played, contact the captain of the opposing team via the #captains channel. Coordinate the creation of a Private Battle lobby to get both teams in.
    • Both teams must be in a Private Battle lobby and ready to play within 5 minutes of the round start time. If a team is not ready within this time, they receive a loss for that set.
    • In the case that captains can not come to an agreement on which team gets to host the Private Battle lobby, the team with the higher seed gets priority.
    • No spectators are allowed in the lobby, with the exception of any members of the tournaments official stream team.
  • Play out your tournament sets according to the maps in the #maplist channel. You have 40 minutes from the round start time to complete the set.
    • Substitutions between games should take no longer than 60 seconds. If a team takes any longer than this, they will receive a one game loss.
    • If the set takes any longer than 40 minutes from the round start time, both teams will receive a set loss, unless otherwise at the discretion of the tournament organizers.
  • After the set is completed, report the score in the #results channel.



  • If a disconnection happens prior to the start of a game, the lobby may be remade to replay the game. There will be no extensions to the 40 minute time restraint for your set due to a disconnection.
  • There are no replays for disconnections that happen during a game. If a disconnection happens during a game, the game will be played out in full and will count towards the final score.
  • If the host of the lobby disconnects and the game is ended, the team that the host was on loses the game. The lobby will then be remade with a different host, and the set will continue. There will be no extensions to the 40 minute time restraint for your set due to a disconnection.


  • If any player acts against these rules, contact a tournament organizer via the #help channel.
  • In the case that a situation arises that this rule set does not cover, the tournament organizers will use their best judgement to handle the situation. A tournament organizer’s word is final.